Autumn Academy

Autumn Academy 2016: Strategic approaches to Migrant Integration in Europe

5 - 9 September 2016
St Anne's College, Oxford

Convened by: Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity

The 2016 Autumn Academy was a symposium for senior public officials, NGO leaders and foundations from across Europe, held in Oxford. It provided a unique opportunity for those responsible for developing and implementing re-settlement and integration related policies at EU, national and city level to share their knowledge, expertise and ideas; to consider the implications of the latest research evidence and analysis; to reflect on strategic policy and practice options; and to strengthen their networks through the opportunities for engagement.

Starting with an overview of recent drivers and trends in migration to Europe and the economic, political and security contexts in which it is taking place, the symposium explored, over four intense days of discussion and reflection, the policy challenges posed. Taking a moment to consider what is meant by ‘integration’ and what the goals of policy might be,  it covered the key questions being addressed from EU to community level: including responsibility for and optimal means of refugee resettlement; recognising the causes of negative public attitudes and how they can be addressed; how the stigma of radicalisation can be avoided in neighbourhoods experiencing the greatest exclusion; and what Europe can learn from differing approaches adopted in North America, including ‘Welcoming Cities’ in the US and Canada’s private sponsorship model for refugees. Speakers led sessions that included presentations, problem-solving exercises and role play.

The symposium was organised by the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity. Funding was provided by The Social Change Initiative, supported by Atlantic Philanthropies, as a programme within its own Migrant Learning Exchange initiative.

PHOTO CREDIT Cate Nunn 2016
Participants of the Autumn Academy 2016

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Final Report
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