Caroline Oliver Former Staff

Caroline Oliver was a Senior Researcher at COMPAS (2012-2016) and is now an Associate Professor of Sociology at UCL’s Institute of Education. She has a PhD in Sociology and Social Anthropology and is author of Retirement Migration: Paradoxes of Ageing (Routledge, 2008). Caroline was a lecturer in Social Anthropology at Newcastle University (2002-2005) and worked at the University of Cambridge (2006-2012) in the field of education, including research on youth, diversity, inclusion and exclusion in schools.

Caroline’s research at COMPAS focussed on transnational migration, welfare and ‘integration’ processes. She led the EC-funded IMPACIM project, a cross-national study investigating family migration in the EU and the impacts of restrictions to benefits and services on integration and was engaged in knowledge exchange activities, specifically the Action for Inclusion in Europe project (where she is project lead of a strand of work on education, working with European city officials in six European cities on parental engagement with schools and convened 2015 Autumn Academy, a residential workshop for European policy and civil society officers). She also contributed to teaching and administration on the MSc in Migration Studies.

As a COMPAS Affiliate Caroline continues to be involved in a project funded by the Legal Education Fund that aims to develop an online tool for use by Local Authorities, voluntary sector organisations and service-users to help assess the outcomes and support needs for destitute families with children in need.


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