Inclusive Cities Phase II: Action Plans

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Inclusive Cities is a knowledge exchange programme which aims to support 12 local authorities from across all nations of the UK to create a step change in their approach to the inclusion of newcomers at the local level. Inclusive Cities is led by the Global Exchange in Migration and Diversity at the University of Oxford. 

These Action Plans, prepared during Phase II of the Inclusive Cities programme, bring together in one place what participating cities and their partners are doing to support the inclusion of migrants and longer-standing residents. The Plans outline the priorities of and practical initiatives undertaken by the city and its partners to broaden opportunities for and better integrate all residents across the city's economic, social, and civic life.  

Action Plans include a local case study highlighting a good practice or novel approach. 

Action Plans

Note: Cardiff, Liverpool and London’s Phase II Action Plans will be uploaded in due course. 

The Action Plans from Phase I of Inclusive Cities can be found on the Inclusive Cities project page.

Questions and comments can be directed to Jacqui Broadhead and Denis Kierans.

Principal Investigator

Jacqui Broadhead, Director, Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity


Denis Kierans, Researcher, Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity

Nathan Grassi (Project support)

Delphine Boagey (Communications support)


Paul Hamlyn Foundation