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Sarah Spencer is Director of the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity and a Senior Fellow at COMPAS. Her particular interests are in irregular migrants, integration, human rights and equality issues, and in the policy making process. She was an Open Society Fellow (2012-2014), exploring issues relating to irregular migrants in Europe and is a Visiting Professor at the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex. Sarah was awarded her doctorate at Erasmus University Rotterdam, has an MPhil from University College London and took her first degree at the University of Nottingham.

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The Migration Debate

Sarah Spencer

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Journal Articles

Special Issues


Autumn Academy 2016 Final Report: Strategic approaches to Migrant Integration in Europe

Sarah Spencer; with contributing authors: Rachel Humphris & Sian Sanders

Marriage Migration and Integration

Katharine Charsley, Sarah Spencer, Hiranthi Jayaweera, Marta Bolognani & Evelyn Ersanilli

Migrant Care Workers in Ageing Societies: Research Findings in the United Kingdom

Sarah Spencer,Alessio Cangiano,Isabel Shutes, George Leeson

Changing Status, Changing Lives? Methods, Participants and Lessons Learnt

Bridget Anderson, Martin Ruhs, Sarah Spencer, Ben Rogaly

Fair Enough? Central and East European Migrants in Low-Wage Employment in the UK

Bridget Anderson, Martin Ruhs, Sarah Spencer, Ben Rogaly

Common Ground: Equality, Good Race Relations and Sites for Gypsies and Irish Travellers

Sarah Spencer (CRE commissioner and chair of the advisory committee)

Working Papers

Other Publications

Policy Briefing

Marriage and Migration: facilitating the integration of migrant spouses

Katharine Charsley, Marta Bolognani, Sarah Spencer, Hiranthi Jayaweera & Evelyn Ersanilli

Policy Briefing

City Responses to Migrants with Irregular Status

Sarah Spencer and Vanessa Hughes

In Conversation

Super-diversity and the City

Sarah Spencer

Breakfast Briefing

What is migration policy for?

Sarah Spencer


Action towards inclusion in Europe

Sarah Spencer, Ben Gidley, Caroline Oliver, Jonathan Price, Emma Newcombe and Nathan Grassi | December 2014 - June 2016

Attitudes to Migrants, Communication and Local Leadership (AMICALL)

Ben Gidley, Sarah Spencer, Michael Keith and Vanessa Hughes | 2011 – 2012

Changing status, changing lives? The socio-economic impact of EU Enlargement on low wage migrant labour in the UK

Bridget Anderson, Martin Ruhs and Sarah Spencer | March 2004 – May 2005

City Initiative on Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe (C-MISE)

Sarah Spencer, Nicola Delvino and Nathan Grassi | March 2017 to February 2019

Equality for whom?

Sarah Spencer | 2010 – 2011

European network of cities for local integration policies for migrants (CLIP)

Sarah Spencer, Alessio Cangiano and Isabel Shutes | 2007 – 2009

Impact of Admission Criteria on the Integration of Migrants (IMPACIM)

Sarah Spencer and Caroline Oliver | December 2011 – October 2012

Inclusive Cities

Sarah Spencer and Jacqui Broadhead | March 2017 - May 2019

Marriage Migration and Integration

Sarah Spencer and Hiranthi Jayaweera | 2013 – 2015

Migration Services in Wales

Jonathan Price, Sarah Spencer, Carlos Vargas-Silva and Yvonni Markaki | January 2015 – March 2017

Muslims and Community Cohesion in Britain

Hiranthi Jayaweera and Sarah Spencer | June 2005 – June 2007

Online Tool to Improve the Assessment of Destitute Families’ Eligibility for Support

Sarah Spencer and Jacqui Broadhead | May 2016 - May 2019

Service Provision to Irregular Migrants in Europe

Sarah Spencer and Vanessa Hughes | 2012 – 2015

The role of Migrant Health and Social Care Workers in Ageing Societies

Sarah Spencer, Alessio Cangiano, Isabel Shutes, Vanessa Hughes and Bridget Anderson | 2007 - 2009

Utrecht Refugee Launchpad

Caroline Oliver and Sarah Spencer | November 2016 - October 2019