Migration Services in Wales

January 2015 – March 2017
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This is a joint project between The Global Exchange for Migration and Diversity, The Migration Observatory and The Welsh Refugee Council, which aims to engage stakeholders, including the Welsh Government, to increase understanding of law, policy and practice relating to migrants in Wales. Through provision of authoritative briefings, training and an advice services, it seeks to inform policy development and good practice across a breadth of relevant policy areas and facilitate the development of a ‘strategic approach’ to migration in Wales. Through a day conference [Migration in Wales: Developing Local Strategic Frameworks on Integration] in June 2016 and subsequent engagement with individual local authorities, it is also facilitating the development of a strategic approach to integration at the local level. A comprehensive briefing for local authorities has been provided [Developing a Strategic Approach to Integration in Wales: A practical resource for Local Authorities and their partners in Wales].

Project website: Migration Services in Wales

Principal Investigator

Sarah Spencer


Jonathan Price
Carlos Vargas-Silva
Yvonni Markaki


Welsh Government