After the MSc

The MSc in Migration Studies seeks to prepare students for further social science research, or for a career within the increasing number of organisations – public and private, national and international – concerned with migration issues.

Our graduates have gone on to doctoral degrees, law school, research and consultancy. Many are now employed by organisations such as the European Commission, ILO, IOM, UNICEF, RAND, Red Cross, Red Crescent, think tanks, national governments and leading universities around the world.

Testimonials and careers


Blogs and other media

From Migration Research to Policy: MSc Migration visit to Geneva
Saskia Llewellyn, Will Jernigan and Elisabetta Grisson | 12/04/2019

Student working paper series

Unpacking the Figure of the “Foreign Criminal”: Race, Gender and the Victim-Villain Binary
Luke de Noronha | 16/03/2015

The Making of the Irish Traveller Community: Mobility Discourse, Settlement Policies and the Irish state 1950-2010
Ina Ruckstuhl | 13/03/2015

Understanding the Aspiration to Stay: A Case Study of Young Adults in Senegal
Kerilyn Schewel | 23/02/2015

Understanding the Electoral Breakthrough of Golden Dawn in Greece: A Demand and Supply Perspective
Roxani Roushas | 1/01/2014

Belonging on the Move: The Question of Clan Amongst Somali Migrants
Farhan Samanani | 1/01/2014

How to Understand the Outcomes of Migration Policy? A Study of the Return Agreement Between Norway and Ethiopia
Cathrine Eide | 1/01/2013