Testimonials and careers

“The MSc in Migration Studies is an intensive nine month course guided by an incredible team of faculty and staff. The program challenged me to think across disciplines and to both understand and critically engage with theory and policy. At the same time, the program provided space for me to pursue my own questions and interests as they related to migration.” Kimberley Horner, graduated 2018

“Less than two months after graduating, I moved to Germany to work for one of Europe’s largest private non-profit foundations. Having gone to Oxford straight from my undergraduate degree in Canada, this was also my first full-time employment. In my first year at the foundation, I am involved with three projects on different aspects of migration. In the first project, I supported German municipalities in setting up a welcoming and integration plan for refugees. In the second project, I helped prepare the foundation’s contribution to the Global Forum on Migration and Development and I spearheaded our application to the consultative process for the UN Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration. For the third project, I am currently conducting research on transnational democracy — a topic that relates to my MSc dissertation on migrant voting rights. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, I find that the degree has prepared me well for all these different aspects of migration. Not only have I had the chance to learn about different topics from top researchers, but I also had the pleasure of discussing these topics with classmates from different academic and professional backgrounds. Most importantly, this exchange with my peers also continues beyond graduation through my involvement with the Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration — a publication run by alumni.” Klaudia Wegschaider, graduated 2016

“What makes this programme so invaluable is its ability to use the study of migration as a prism for gaining a better understanding of contemporary political and socio-economic change as well as human development as a whole. In addition to pushing students to critically engage with prevailing assumptions surrounding migration, one of the programme’s greatest assets are the students themselves whose diverse backgrounds and individual experiences make the course a truly transformative learning experience.” Yan Matusevich, graduated 2015


“I have absolutely loved my time on the MSc in Migration Studies and highly recommend the degree to prospective students! The course is comprehensive and wide-ranging, offering lots of opportunities for pursuing your own research interests whilst discovering new ideas and theories. The international teaching staff and student body opens your mind to alternative ways of thinking and pushes you to approach your research in new and creative ways. Although only nine months in length, the degree is a fantastic tour de force that will leave you with an enriched understanding of migration and the forces that shape it; not to mention close friends and a feeling of where the time went…” Alice Watson, graduated 2018

“The program’s strengths lie in interrogating preconceived definitions about migration theories and migrants themselves. In fact, we devote entire classes to picking apart keywords used to describe subjects of anthropological research. A majority of our cohort (myself included) became ‘first-time’ international migrants – moving from the United States and Europe to read for this postgraduate degree in Britain…I came away from my time in Oxford with a stronger commitment to academic work, research interests, and a world where human mobility is no longer criminal.” Vicente Lovelace, graduated 2018