Luke de Noronha DPhil Anthropology

Luke is a DPhil student in Anthropology. His main research interest is in deportation, particularly of ex-offenders from the UK. His doctoral research examines the deportation of ex-offenders from the UK to Jamaica, exploring the lives of deportees in Jamaica as well as their friends and families who remain in the UK.

Luke holds a BSc in Sociology from the University of Bristol and he completed his MSc in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. His Master’s thesis dealt with representations of ‘foreign criminals’ in the media, parliament and NGO documents. More broadly, his research deals with issues of race, gender, and criminality in the construction of deportable subjects.


Unpacking the Figure of the “Foreign Criminal”: Race, Gender and the Victim-Villain Binary
COMPAS Working Paper 15-121 | 16/03/2015

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