COMPAS is home to two postgraduate degrees in Migration Studies.

MSc Migration Studies

COMPAS is linked to the 9-month MSc offered by the Departments of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography and the Oxford Department of International Development. Read further details of course objectives and programme structure.

DPhil in Migration Studies

COMPAS welcomes expressions of interest from those wishing to pursue doctoral study in Migration Studies. DPhil studentships are advertised in collaboration with specific research projects, such as this ERC studentship in anthropology or migration studies for a project on emptying towns and villages in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Oxford Migration Studies Society

The Oxford Migration Studies Society (OMSS), supported by COMPAS, aims to connect people examining any aspect of migration in Oxford. The society is student-run and hosts several social and networking events each year, the largest being the Annual Oxford Migration Conference. This 3-day international conference welcomes international researchers, policymakers, NGO workers and grassroots campaigners to the OMSS platform. In addition, students of the postgraduate courses are often involved in OMSS. Follow OMSS on LinkedIn or Facebook.


COMPAS welcomes opportunities for migration knowledge exchange.

Visiting Academics

A visitors programme that allows external academics and practitioners to work at COMPAS for self-directed study.

Global Exchange

COMPAS is opening up opportunities for knowledge exchange and longer-term collaboration.

Migration Oxford

An interdisciplinary network hosted by GEM that brings together researchers of all aspects of migration and mobility and practitioners to develop research agendas at Oxford.