Inclusive Cities US Knowledge Exchange

Published 18 July 2018 / By Jacqui Broadhead

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This note provides an overview of the US Learning Exchange, which took place from 21 - 25 May 2018, in which 12 delegates from the 6 Inclusive Cities visited Montgomery County, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, meeting with senior policymakers, community groups and activists and other partners involved in developing inclusive practices within the city. The Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity, University of Oxford and Welcoming America facilitated the visit.

A note about this report:

This note provides an overview of the projects visited and some of the key themes that emerged from the exchange and will inform the future of the Inclusive Cities programme – including the action plans each of the cities is developing. It is necessarily an overview and does not aim to provide comprehensive minutes of the exchange; it also does not predominantly cover discussions between the cities. The information in this report is correct as of the exchange dates.

Inclusive Cities is a knowledge exchange that allows cities to share different approaches so they can learn from each other. However, this process is not evaluative. Therefore, inclusion in the exchange (and by extension in this note) does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of that approach or project. The cities were chosen based on the interests of the UK Inclusive Cities and in partnership with Welcoming America.


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