Attitudes to Migrants, Communication and Local Leadership (AMICALL)

2011 – 2012
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AMICALL was a transnational action research project, co-ordinated by COMPAS, exploring the role of Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs) in communicating with their citizens about the difficult questions raised by migration. Led by a partnership of six European research institutions, with the Council of Europe as an associate partner, the project provided a platform for the sharing of good practice and the development of new strategies for the communication of positive attitudes towards migrants and migrant integration at the local and regional level.

The research was undertaken in the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Work began in early 2011 with each partner identifying the context within which LRAs in the six target countries are working, producing country context reports to ground the comparative research. The partners then embarked on fieldwork, including desk research and interviews with key LRA officials, NGOs and experts to ascertain what, if any, communications activities have been undertaken by local government in each of the countries, focusing on a series of in-depth case studies. Each partner sought to identify successful initiatives as well as barriers to success in each country, region and city involved, which were reflected on in technical workshops with practitioners. The second half of the project focused on the policy lessons that can be drawn from the initial research.

Principal Investigator

Ben Gidley


Sarah Spencer
Michael Keith
Vanessa Hughes
Hannah Jones (University of Warwick)
Liz Collett (Migration Policy Institute, Brussels)


European Union Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals