Shifting Powers, Shifting Mobilities

Hilary term 2015 / Thursdays 14.00 - 15.30

Seminar Room, Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road, Oxford

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The world economic and financial meltdown and its social, economic and political aftermath have helped to consolidate and accelerate shifts in the global political economy, which in turn are re-shaping the global migration order, as emergent powers become increasingly important players on the world migration scene. Moreover, power is not only shifting socio-economically and spatially, but arguably its very nature is shifting too.

This seminar series will explore how these shifts are playing out in three related spheres: the connection between mobility and politics (‘fight and flight’), global urban transformation, and the limits of governance. The series will open with three scene-setting sessions looking at recent shifts and shocks and the recent wave of protest and revolt, before moving on to consider how generation, class, gender and ethnicity play into the choices between moving and staying put, and between protesting, enduring and acquiescing in the face of adverse and threatening conditions.

Convened by Dace Dzenovska, Nick Van Hear and Ben Gidley