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Martin Ruhs is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, a Fellow of Kellogg College and COMPAS Affiliate 2015-16. Martin has collaborated with COMPAS on a Breakfast Briefing, as well as a new Working Paper on EU status on wages.

Martin worked at COMPAS between 2003-2015 as a Senior Researcher working on the economics and politics of international labour migration, with a strong international comparative dimension. Recent publications developed at COMPAS include: The Price of Rights. Regulating International Labour Migration (Princeton University Press 2013; Winner of the 2014 Best Book Award, Migration and Citizenship Section, American Political Science Association) and Who Needs Migrant Workers? Labour Shortages, Immigration and Public Policy (Oxford University Press 2010, co-edited with Bridget Anderson). Martin is currently working on a research monograph on multinational corporations and immigration controls (under contract with Princeton University Press).

For more information about Martin’s research, teaching and policy engagement, see his departmental website.


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A need for migrant labour? Labour shortages, immigration and public policy

Bridget Anderson and Martin Ruhs | October 2007 – October 2009

Changing status, changing lives? The socio-economic impact of EU Enlargement on low wage migrant labour in the UK

Bridget Anderson, Martin Ruhs and Sarah Spencer | March 2004 – May 2005

Immigrants and Employment Discrimination

Madeleine Sumption, Martin Ruhs and Yvonni Markaki | March – April 2015

Migration and Poverty in the UK

Martin Ruhs, Carlos Vargas-Silva, Madeleine Sumption and Yvonni Markaki | February – April 2015

Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms (REMINDER)

Mikal Mast, Scott Blinder, Rob McNeil, Carlos Vargas-Silva, Madeleine Sumption, Martin Ruhs and William Allen | January 2017 - December 2019

The Economics and Politics of Migrant Rights

Martin Ruhs | 2008 – 2014