MSc Teaching and Faculty

Teaching on the degree is provided by leading scholars in the field, who draw on their own research to illustrate theoretical, ethical, methodological and practical issues. It is problem-focused and aims to give students critical analytical skills.

The degree is taught through a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials; a critical discussion class and student-led presentations; essays and library work leading to a dissertation. The course admits around 25 students each year and students have individual dissertation supervision.

The MSc in Migration Studies 2016-17 is convened by Associate Professor Dace Dzenovska, and staff teaching on the degree include:

  • Dr Mathias Czaika, IMI (migration and development, Political economy of migration; role of migration policies in shaping international migration flows)
    Dr Ruben Andersson, IMI (migration and development, borders and security, irregular migration)
    Professor Bridget Anderson, COMPAS (politics and sociology, labour migration, trafficking, gender)
    Dr Cathryn Costello, RSC/Law (European Union law; constitutional and administrative law; labour/employment law; human rights law, immigration and asylum law)
    Dr Franck Düvell, COMPAS (sociology, irregular migration, migration policies and the European enlargement)
    Professor Michael Keith, COMPAS (sociology and geography, cities, social integration, Europe and China)
    Dr Sarah Spencer, COMPAS (public policy, migration and human rights, UK and Europe)
    Dr Nicholas Van Hear, COMPAS (anthropology and development studies, forced migration, diaspora, conflict, development, South Asia and Africa)
    Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva, COMPAS (economics of migration, remittances, migration and development, Latin America, US)

Download the 2016-17 MSc Migration Studies Handbook

Teaching Excellence Awards

Evelyn Ersanilli, Departmental Lecturer on the MSc in Migration Studies, was awarded a 2014 Teaching Excellence Award, and was shortlisted for the Student Union Teaching Award. Mette Louise Berg received the award in 2013, and two of our teaching staff received this award in 2012: Nando Sigona and Agnieszka Kubal.