MSc in Migration Studies

The interdisciplinary MSc in Migration Studies allows students to explore human mobility as an intrinsic part of the broader processes of development and global change; and to address the causes and consequences of migration and how governments, societies, and migrants themselves shape these.

The School of Anthropology (SAME) and the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) jointly offer the programme. The course draws on the intellectual resources of its two parent departments and migration research centres at Oxford.

About the course

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Blogs by MSc candidates

Afghan Women's Bodies and the Politics of National Identity
Saher Ali | 8/10/2021

How does social media affect our understanding of migrants and refugees?
Anya Jhoti | 23/08/2021

Migrants in and out of the National Health Service
Mariri Niino, Lauren Brown and Zehui Qiu | 24/03/2021

The US – Mexico Border: A testing ground for digital warfare
Erin Harris | 03/04/2020

Dangerous Digital Liaisons: An inquiry into digital policies regarding migrant smuggling on social media
Johanna Bankston | 02/04/2020


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