Understanding Migrant Destitution in the UK: Research Findings

Published 14 May 2024 / By Lucy Leon, Jacqui Broadhead

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The ‘Understanding Migrant Destitution in the UK’ report explores the effects of UK immigration policy on migrant destitution in the UK, highlighting the scale and changing face of migrant destitution and the vital role of local authorities in supporting vulnerable people facing destitution. Building on COMPAS’ previous research on English and Welsh local authority responses to safeguard destitute migrant families, the study widens the scope to cover all four nations of the UK. It includes families with dependent children and vulnerable adults with care needs.

The research findings provide the first UK-wide baseline indication of a population significantly impacted by the NRPF policy, drawing on data collected from 142 UK local authorities, secondary data analysis of administrative data and deep dive qualitative research in 7 case study sites, interviewing key local authority staff, local stakeholders and partners as well as with people with lived experience.

Whilst the report did not examine whether the NRPF condition overall is fit for purpose, it calls for significant improvements to fix a patchy and dysfunctional local safety net. These include providing funding to social care departments, developing local leadership to tackle migrant destitution, and emphasizing the importance of listening to and including migrant voices when designing services, building on the lessons learned from the Windrush Lessons Learned review.

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