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Migration: The COMPAS Anthology

Published 22 February 2014 / By Bridget Anderson and Michael Keith

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Migration: The COMPAS Anthology is a unique compendium of short articles, poems and images on the multiple interlinked practices, policies, responses and experiences that make up the phenomenon ‘migration’. This anthology is designed both as a teaching and research resource and as a provocation, posing questions and sharing insights on migration and linking it to wider patterns of social change.

Edited by Bridget Anderson and Michael Keith, the Anthology brings together migration experts and winners from COMPAS’ photo and poetry competitions to give their take on migration, ranging from personal reflections to succinct topic overviews.

It includes contributions from: Ash Amin, Bridget Anderson, Linda Bosniak, Stephen Castles, Jane Garnett, Engin Isin, Michael Keith, John Solomos, Sarah Spencer, Steven Vertovec and Fiona Williams.

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It is free to download a text only version of the Anthology to a computer or portable device. Feel free to download and circulate the following versions:

Kindle version (download) You can open this file using a Kindle app (available for free download) or load to your Kindle device via usb or email – here are instructions on how to do that.

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If you prefer a physical book then you might want to purchase a copy. Our Anthology is tactile and pretty to look at, even if we do say so ourselves! It would make a great gift for anyone interested in migration. The advantage of this version is that it also has winning images from COMPAS’ photo competitons. We will even throw in some COMPAS postcards for free!

You can buy the book from the University of Oxford Store for £18.00 (including packing and postage).

Anderson, B. and Keith, M. (eds) (2014) Migration: The COMPAS Anthology, Oxford: COMPAS | ISBN: 978-1-907271-03-8