Inclusive Cities: Second Convening

Published 14 December 2018 / By Jacqui Broadhead

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Inclusive Cities is a knowledge exchange initiative supporting six UK cities and their local partners to achieve a step-change in their approach towards the inclusion of newcomers in the city. Drawing on ideas and experience from within Europe and innovative approaches from cities in the United States, it aims to support the development of an approach which is strategic across the city administration, consistently uses positive messaging to develop an inclusive narrative for the city which informs and drives practice and is local authority led, working in close partnership with business, public and voluntary sector organisations to achieve shared goals.

Each of the cities (Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and Peterborough, with London joining some aspects of the project as an associate member) has identified a number of priority areas which form an action plan made up of practical initiatives which broaden opportunities for inclusion of all residents across the economic, social and civic life of the city. They have also appointed a Taskforce of stakeholders from the private, public and voluntary sectors who will both advise on the project and take forward the actions in their respective sectors.

This note provides an overview of second convening of the Inclusive Cities programme, kindly hosted by Liverpool City Council from 10th-12th October 2018. The meeting marked the midway point of the first phase of the programme. Each of the five cities presented on their draft action plan, developed in conjunction with a Taskforce of stakeholders.

This note provides an overview of the action plans alongside the emerging learning, key themes and areas for development identified at the meeting.


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