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Building an infrastructure for community led welcome in the UK: Learning from the mobilisation of the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Published 7 December 2022 / By Jacqui Broadhead

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This briefing provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities for developing infrastructure for community-led welcome of newcomers in the UK.

It uses the rapid mobilisation of Homes for Ukraine (HfU) and other schemes as a starting point to understand how the UK can build long-term infrastructure to support community-led welcome across schemes and arrival routes. It should be noted that the approach outlined is very much intended to function across migration governance schemes and that the Home Office’s approach to ‘bespoke’ nationality-based routes sits in stark contrast to feedback from local authorities of the potential benefits, in particular for integration, from developing permanent resettlement and inclusion infrastructure which can function across schemes.

This brief was developed as part of a collaboration with Welcoming International, RESET, and following consultation with the 12 participating Inclusive Cities.


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