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Building an Inclusive City Narrative

Published 14 May 2018 / By Jacqui Broadhead

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This briefing note forms part of the Inclusive Cities programme – a knowledge exchange initiative working with UK city administrations and partners to deliver a step change in their approach to the inclusion of newcomers.

Building a strategic narrative of inclusion emerged as an early priority and focal point for the Inclusive Cities, with participating cities keen to look at the research and best practice available on how to develop narratives which tell the story of their city in ways which generate a sense of identity, belonging and inclusion for all residents.

This note captures learning and reflections from a practitioner workshop held at the Migration Museum on 16th April 2018 . It aims to support cities in considering key issues and resources in developing their approach to inclusion. As part of the programme, each inclusive city will develop its own narrative particular to its values and population – this note aims to provide an overview of some approaches deriving from research and thinking in the UK and US which might prove useful in telling the story of inclusion locally. This note is predominantly concerned with how to shape long term inclusive narratives, rather than reactive communications in the light of events – though having a clear strategic narrative could and should inform more reactive responses to events.


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