The Economic Integration of Refugees in the UK (ECONREF) February 2017 - January 2019


This project provides quantitative evidence on the labour market, wellbeing and education outcomes of refugees in the UK. This evidence will facilitate integration interventions by civil society and government organisations at the local and national level.

Until recently it was not possible to separate refugees from other migrants in the UK Labour Force Survey. This changed in 2010 with the introduction of a variable that identifies the main reason for migration. Using this information, this project describes the economic outcomes of the UK’s refugee population and explore whether the initial economic disadvantages faced by refugees in the UK persist over time. It investigates the drivers of refugee economic integration, including the role of related policies in determining the outcomes of refugees. Based on the research findings and with close collaboration and input from refugee support organisations and policymakers, the project will make explore the implications for policies related to refugee integration.

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Asylum and RefugeesIntegrationLabour Markets


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Refugees in the UK Labour Market