Zovanga Kone Researcher

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Zovanga is a researcher at COMPAS and the Migration Observatory. His current work looks at the socio-economic integration of refugees in the UK, as part of the EconRef project, and he is also examining the comparability of UK migration statistics from different official sources.

Zovanga’s research interest includes the role of immigration policy on the labour market outcomes of immigrants in the UK as well as the labour market impact of immigration and emigration on natives (in both high and low income countries). His experience prior to joining COMPAS includes working at the World Bank and the Scottish Government. He completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Nottingham and his MSc at the London School of Economics.


Asylum and RefugeesIntegrationLabour Markets

Journal Articles

Reason for immigration and immigrants’ health

Carlos Vargas-Silva, Osea Giuntella, Zovanga Kone & Isabel Ruiz

Working Papers

Internal borders and migration in India

Zovanga L. Kone, Maggie Y. Liu, Aaditya Mattoo, Çağlar Özden & Siddharth Sharma

Other Publications

ECONREF Research Note: 1

The Health of Refugees in the UK

Zovanga Kone and Carlos Vargas-Silva


Aligning Migration Management and the Migration–Development Nexus (MIGNEX)

Carlos Vargas-Silva, Esther Arenas-Arroyo and Zovanga Kone | 2018 - 2023

The Economic Integration of Refugees in the UK (ECONREF)

Carlos Vargas-Silva and Zovanga Kone | February 2017 - January 2019

The Socio-Economic Impact of Refugees on Local Communities

Carlos Vargas-Silva, Esther Arenas-Arroyo and Zovanga Kone | 2018 - 2020