Measuring Irregular Migration and Related Policies October 2022 – September 2025


Measuring Irregular Migration and Related Policies (MIrreM) is a 3-year research project funded under the EU’s Horizon Europe Programme. MIrreM is coordinated by the Department for Migration and Globalisation at the University for Continuing Education Krems (Danube University Krems) and is implemented by a consortium of 17 partner organisations in Europe and North America.  

MIrreM examines estimates and statistical indicators on the irregular migrant population in Europe as well as related policies, including the regularisation of migrants in irregular situations. The project analyses policies defining migrant irregularity, stakeholders’ data needs and usage, and assesses existing estimates and statistical indicators on irregular migration in the countries under study and at the EU level. In addition, it sets out to explore new methodologies for estimating irregular migration and to assess the broader impacts of regularisation. Finally, MIrreM aims to strengthen the evidence base of policymaking on irregular migration by developing guidance in the form of two Handbooks: one on irregular migration data and the second on pathways out of irregularity.  

The project’s research covers 20 countries, including 12 EU countries, the United Kingdom, the US and Canada, Turkey, and four other non-EU countries (TBD). MIrreM builds on earlier efforts to quantify irregular migration and analyse regularisation, notably the Clandestino and REGINE projects.




Principal Investigator

Carlos Vargas-Silva, Director of COMPAS, Professor in Migration Studies 


Myriam Cherti, Senior Researcher, Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity 

Denis Kierans, Senior Researcher, Migration Observatory and Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity 

Lucy Leon, Researcher, Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity 

Asli Salihoglu, DPhil candidate in Migration Studies at COMPAS


Funded by the European Union

Co-funded by:


Toronto Metropolitan University: Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration

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Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, with an additional four non-EU countries TBD