Migration and Museums Knowledge Exchange Fellowship January 2020 - June 2020


This Fellowship aims to build on the existing strong partnership between the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity and the Migration Museum Project with the aim of supporting museums, researchers and policy makers within their respective networks to increase community engagement and impact. Specifically, the Fellowship aims to embed migration research within attempts to improve museums’ migration outputs (connected to their collections, outreach, education work and programming). This fellowship will function by embedding the Migration Museum Project’s Head of Learning and Partnerships into the Global Exchange for six months. This will allow for:

  • Sustained partnership building between the respective networks through a series of events in Oxford and with partnering museums
  • Development of increased links between Oxford researchers from all disciplines with an interest in migration and UK museums – including to develop specific seed funding collaborations between specific researchers and museums
  • Increased access to research resources for the KE Fellow to support and improve the MMP offer – both for itself and for the development of the network; one of the organisation’s core strategic priorities
  • Support and guidance to facilitate the interface between research and museum professionals – including resource materials

Principal Investigator

Jacqueline Broadhead 

Emily Miller


HEIF Public Engagement Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

Professionals' Advisory Group

Migration Museum Project 


United Kingdom




Description of planned activities

  1. Planning workshop for the core partners (Jan 2020) in Oxford and wrap up workshop (June 2020) with virtual coordination between these meetings. This small group will monitor the ongoing progress of the project and work to ensure continued collaboration from the partners.
  2. Network of Migration and Museums learning events (x 2), one in London and one in the venue of a founding partner of the network. These events will allow researchers engaged in migration from across the university to understand the needs and interests of participating museums with the aim of facilitating new partnerships and collaborations.
  3. Migration and Mobility Network event (Hilary 2020) in Oxford. This will form part of the programme of the network and will bring together a wide range of Oxford scholars from the interdisciplinary network for academic ‘speed networking’ event attended by the network founding partners with the aim of facilitating specific collaborations. This event will focus directly on developing seed funding ideas between individual researchers and museums and will include matching of research interests with particular museum and gallery partners and their collections.
  4. Development of a ‘pop up professor’ guide to support researchers to engage with museums and heritage institutions. MMP has previously hosted this format at their late opening events and it provides an easy and informal way for researchers to engage with museum audiences. It also allows museums to incorporate contemporary migration research into their collections and public programming in a straightforward way.
  5. Development of a number of guest blogs and a briefing note on the partnership