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Migration into and out of the UK after Brexit

29 Oct 2019, Convened by REMINDER Project

The Hub, Kellogg College

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In this panel conversation, experts on policy, media and economics discussed how Brexit would be likely to affect migration into and out of the UK and public debate about it. Key questions for the discussion included: Will migration decrease after Brexit? What sectors are more/less likely to experience labour shortages? Will there be a change in the way the UK media covers migration stories after Brexit? Will there be a shift from focusing on EU migration to covering stories related to asylum and other forms of migration from outside the EU? What are the implications of Brexit for the employment opportunities and outcomes of EU nationals living in the UK? Will Brexit lead to large scale emigration from the UK?

Date Tuesday 29 October
Time 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


  • Madeleine Sumption (Director, the Migration Observatory and Member of the UK Migration Advisory Committee)
  • Robert McNeil (Deputy Director, the Migration Observatory and former journalist)
  • Zovanga Kone (Economist and Postdoctoral Fellow with the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society)

Moderator: Carlos Vargas-Silva (Research Director and Associate Professor, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society and Principal Investigator of the REMINDER project).

The conversation was live-streamed via the University of Oxford channel and can be viewed in full on our YouTube channel here.

The event was presented by the REMINDER project, a Horizon 2020 research initiative investigating the nature and impacts of migration within the European Union.