Enhancing the impact of migration research with Latin Americans in London

Published 12 January 2021 / By COMPAS Communications

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A new COMPAS project is investigating how Brexit and COVID-19 are impacting the lives and families of Latin American migrants in London.

While constituting one of the fastest-growing migrant groups in London, Latin American migrants remain largely invisible within public discourse. Invisibility can be particularly detrimental in the context of COVID-19 and Brexit. Not knowing how COVID-19 has been affecting this population means that little can be done to support them in coping with the socio-economic effects of the pandemic. Furthermore, since the discussion on the impact of Brexit tends to focus mostly on EU families without a non-EU migration background, its impact on the Latin American families who acquired EU passports in Southern Europe and then onward migrated to London has been overlooked.

This public engagement project is led by Professor Carlos Vargas-Silva and Domiziana Turcatti, DPhil candidate in Migration Studies, with support from Latin American House, a charity working for the integration, social inclusion and well-being of Latin American and other Spanish and Portuguese-speaking migrants in London,

The project aims to understand how Brexit and COVID-19 are impacting the lives and families of Latin American migrants in London by building links with this community through knowledge exchange and engagement activities. The team will work with key community workers and leaders of charities supporting Latin American migrants in London and Latin American migrants and their family members.

"The overarching goal and the principal marker for success is the creation of a long-term collaboration between COMPAS and London’s Latin American community through which the experiences and voices of Latin American can be understood and heard" says Domiziana Turcatti.

This project is funded by the University of Oxford small grants scheme which provides funds for researchers to develop, deliver and evaluate Public Engagement with Research (PER) projects and activities.

The PER Seed Fund is supported by the University of Oxford's Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) and Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF).

For more information about Public Engagement with Research at the University of Oxford, visit: Oxford Public Engagement with Research.