Dace Dzenovska

Dace Dzenovska

Senior Researcher and Marie Curie Fellow

+44 (0)1865 284945


Dace Dzenovska is a Senior Researcher / Marie Curie Fellow at COMPAS contributing to the work of the Marie Curie Early Training Initiative “Diasporic Constructions of Home and Belonging” (CoHaB).

At COMPAS, she is researching the Latvian state's attempts to turn its mobile citizens into diasporic subjects. She is particularly interested in how affect and moral imaginaries figure in the making of Latvian diaspora, as well as how sovereignty is reworked in the context of intra-European migration and diaspora politics. Her broader research interests include race, nationalism, migration, borders, and political imaginaries and practices in post socialist contexts.

Selected publications

Dzenovska, D. (2014) 'Bordering Encounters, Sociality and Distribution of the Ability to Live A Normal Life'. Social Anthropology 22(3): pp. 271–287.

Dzenovska, D. (2014) "The Great Departure: Rethinking National(ist) Common Sense" in Regimes of Mobility: Imaginaries and Relationalities of Power, eds. Noel B. Salazar and Nina Glick Schiller. Oxford: Routledge.

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