Topologies of Governance in the Context of Eastern European Migration to the UK

2015 - 2016
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The objective of the project is to map the competing transnational and local practices of governing Latvian migrants in Boston. The post-EU enlargement migration presents challenges of governance in places of arrival, as well as in places of departure. The municipality of Boston, Lincolnshire, is struggling to integrate Latvian migrants and manage communal tensions, while the Latvian government is seeking to support Latvian diaspora in Boston as part of a nation-building and economic development agenda. On the one hand, the project will map the activities of the Boston City Council and the Latvian government that target Latvian migrants. On the other hand, it will investigate how Latvian migrants in Boston experience and react to these activities. In mapping these practices of governance, the project aims to analyse shifts in forms of sovereignty and statehood in the context of EU integration.

Principal Investigator

Dace Dzenovska


The John Fell/OUP Fund