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Ethnographic Experiments in Transnational Mobility Studies

Published 1 January 2013 / By Biao Xiang & Mika Toyota

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Transnational mobility has become a ubiquitous phenomenon. Yet it is inherently transient and unstable. How then can we analyse it ethnographically? This special issue presents a number of methodological experiments that explore the interfaces between individuals’ migratory experiences that are always context specific and can never be fixed, and institutional, structural and historical forces that are themselves constantly changing. The articles respectively explore ‘multi-scalar’, ‘tandem’, ‘multi-media’, ‘centripetal’, and ‘lateral’ ethnographies as new modes of field research, writing, and analysis.

Xiang, B. and Toyota, M. (2013), 'Ethnographic Experiments in Transnational Mobility Studies', Ethnography, 14(3): 277-281