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Border, Migration, Control and Security (forthcoming 2016)

Published 10 September 2015 / By B. Vollmer, S. Hess and V. Tsianos

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In this detailed Handbook, an interdisciplinary team of scholars explores the consequences of migration for the social policies of rich welfare states. They test conflicting claims as to the positive and negative effects of different types of migration against the experience of countries in Europe, North America, Australasia, and South Asia. The chapters assess arguments as to migration’s impact on the financial, social, and political stability of social programs. The volume includes comprehensive reviews of existing scholarship as well as state of the art original empirical analysis.


Vollmer, B., Hess, S. & V. Tsianos (forthcoming 2016) ‘Border, Migration, Control and Security’, in Bourbeau, P. (ed.), Handbook on Migration and Security. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.