The Migration Debate

Published 1 January 2011 / By Sarah Spencer

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A contribution to one of the most hotly contested issues in Europe, The Migration Debate provides a well-balanced, critical analysis of UK migration policies, in a European context, from entry controls through to integration and citizenship. Exploring the pressures and constraints that have shaped a rapidly shifting policy terrain, this accessible overview offers a considered assessment of policy options to provide the foundation for a less polarised, better-informed public debate. Unusual in its coverage of immigration for work, study, family and protection, and in its insistence that an understanding of integration processes must be considered alongside analysis of entry controls, The Migration Debate will be of equal value to policy makers as to a multi-disciplinary academic readership.

View and download the introduction here and chapter 6 of the book here.

Spencer, S. (2011) The Migration Debate, Bristol: The Policy Press