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Ageing, Demand for Care and the Role of Migrant Care Workers in the UK

Published 1 January 2010 / By COMPAS Communications

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In recent decades, rapid population ageing has dramatically increased the need for older adult care provision in the UK. A prominent role in meeting the care needs of the older population has been played by migrant workers. The aim of this paper is to explore the characteristics of the UK social care system that shape demand for migrant labour, the conditions under which migrant care workers are employed, and older people’s and migrant care workers’ experiences of the quality of care. Our analysis draws on the findings of a survey of providers of social care for older people, in-depth interviews with migrant care workers, and focus groups with older people. The findings show that the underfunding of social care and interrelated workforce shortages are largely responsible for the extensive reliance on migrant workers among social care providers, and raise concerns for workforce inequalities and for the quality of care.

Shutes, I. and Cangiano, A. (2010) 'Ageing, Demand for Care and the Role of Migrant Care Workers in the UK', Journal of Population Ageing, 3(1-2): 39-57