Review of the Research Literature on Integration and Resettlement in Europe and the Impact of Policy Interventions

Published 19 September 2016 / By Caroline Oliver

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This review highlights some of the current research evidence and analysis on migrant integration, using European and some North American academic and policy literature. The review begins by setting out an analytical understanding of integration as a set of processes before briefly considering some evidence on the integration of migrants across Europe. It considers in more depth how integration is influenced by a number of societal factors that shape those processes before reviewing how interventions in some domains have been shown to be effective. The review provides a summary that, while by no means exhaustive, aims to guide and orientate readers through the complexity of some of the debates. The text refers to migrants throughout, encompassing those with differing immigration statuses, except where the evidence refers specifically to those with a particular status (such as refugees).

It was produced as a background report for the Global Exchange's Autumn Academy held in September 2016.


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