Refugia: Radical solutions to mass displacement

Published 14 January 2020 / By Robin Cohen, Nicholas Van Hear

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This is an unusual book. Combining social science fiction, utopianism, pragmatism, sober analysis and innovative social theory, the authors address one of the biggest dilemmas of our age – how to solve the problems arising from mass displacement. As early versions of the solution proposed by Robin Cohen and Nicholas Van Hear filtered out, their vision of a new, networked, transnational archipelago, called Refugia, was met with scepticism by established refugee scholars. Others were more intrigued, more open-minded, or perhaps just holding their fire until this book was finally published. As it at least has the virtue of originality, why not judge the proposal for yourself? Read it and craft your own critique. The authors have initiated an openly pro-refugee vision that all can help to shape. Written in a clear and direct style, this book will appeal to scholars and students in social sciences courses (political and social theory, sociology, anthropology, politics, law, security studies), practitioners in the refugee/migration management, as well as to an informed public ready to engage with this pressing issue.


Cohen, R., & Van Hear, N. (2020) Refugia: Radical solutions to mass displacement, London: Routledge;