Migrant Parental Engagement in Schools: Review of the Literature

Published 21 October 2016 / By Caroline Oliver

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This paper presents research evidence on parental engagement in schools, particularly as related to families at risk of social exclusion, including migrant families of lower socio-economic status. It was developed as an information resource for participants in the ‘city working groups’ of the ‘Action for Inclusion in Europe’ project, funded by the Open Society, specifically city personnel working on strategies to engage migrant parents for better outcomes. The review considers what the research evidence suggests about the potential of parental engagement as well as the challenges faced by actors involved in implementing schemes of home-school cooperation. The research literature on this topic is vast, and the review considers a selection of peer-reviewed international academic journals, books and relevant ‘grey’ sources on the issue. It focuses (mainly) on research published between 2000-2015 within Europe, with some reference to the extensive North American literature on the subject. It concludes with some examples of promising practices.


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