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Metropolitanising Small European Stateless City-Regionalised Nations

Published 14 December 2018 / By Igor Calzada

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This article introduces three small, European stateless nations that – invigorated by pervasive metropolitanisation phenomena – are increasingly shaping calls for devolution: Catalonia, the Basque Country and Scotland. These three nations are re-scaling their respective nation-states (Spain and the UK) in different ways: (i) being bolstered by their metropolitan hubs (Barcelona, Bilbao, and Glasgow) and (ii) generating a stateless ‘civic nationalism’ rooted in the metropolitan ‘right to decide’. Oppositional response to this ‘civic nationalism’ has re-emerged as state-centric ‘ethnic nationalism’. This article concludes that gaining or lacking metropolitan support for the ‘right to decide’ will establish the future directions of devolution debates.


Calzada, I. (2018), Metropolitanising Small European Stateless City-Regionalised Nations. Space and Polity 22(3): 342-361. DOI: 10.1080/13562576.2018.1555958.

First Published 14 Dec 2018