DIEM: Law Enforcement and Immigration Law Enforcement in the UK: Conceptual Framework

Published 8 February 2016 / By Franck Düvell

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This paper sets out the theoretical and conceptual framework for the study of law enforcement and, specifically, immigration law enforcement in the UK. First, it looks at the broader field of migration policy to sketch the structure of the analytical tools of policies, politics and practice. Second, it moves on to a framework for the analysis of the enforcing organisations; notably, it presents a framework for analysing organisational structure, organisation culture and the role of individuals (street-level bureaucrats) within the organisations. Third, it addresses tools for analysing policy outcomes compared to policy goals, including the impact and irregular migration on human rights. And finally, it sets out some broader ideas for analysing human agency and subjectivity vis-a-vis state agencies.

This is report 2 of the Does Immigration Enforcement Matter (DIEM) project.


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