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Developing a Strategic Approach to Integration in Wales: A practical resource for Local Authorities and their partners in Wales

Published 17 June 2016 / By Sarah Spencer and Siân Sanders

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This resource has been prepared to assist local authorities and their partner organisations to consider how to welcome and foster the integration of new migrants in Wales.  It is relevant to those working directly with migrants but also aimed at those whose areas of work are affected by the changing picture of diversity in Wales and which, in turn, impacts on migrants living in their area. It cannot be comprehensive but raises key issues to be considered and provides links to further information and resources. The briefing clarifies what is meant by ‘integration’ processes and what an integration strategy might seek to achieve. It points to examples from European cities that Welsh authorities may wish to draw on when developing their own approach.

This paper was initially prepared for an International Learning Exchange Conference, ‘Migration in Wales: Developing Local Strategic Frameworks on Integration’, held in Cardiff Bay on 20 June 2016. The conference was part of a joint project between the Welsh Refugee Council and the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at the University of Oxford, Migration Services in Wales. For a report on the conference and links to presentations visit the Global Exchange website and the Welsh Refugee Council website.


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