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Aspiring cultural polyglots: Kenyan Pentecostals in London

Published 25 September 2015 / By COMPAS Communications

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The lives of migrant Kenyans in London highlight the importance of religion, in their case Pentecostal Christianity, in social identifications and formations. Though religions have not been thought to constitute diasporas because they span more than one ethnic group and do not generally try to return to or create a homeland (Cohen 2008), Vasquez suggests that there are interesting similarities between religion and diaspora (Vasquez 2010). The case of Kenyan Pentecostals encourages us to think anew about their inter-relationship.


Fesenmyer, L. (2015) 'Aspiring cultural polyglots: Kenyan Pentecostals in London,' in Sigona, N., Gamlen, A., Liberatore, G. and Neveu-Kringelbach, H. (eds.) Diasporas Re-imagined: Spaces, Practices and Belonging, Oxford: Oxford Diasporas Programme