The Socio-Economic Impact of Refugees on Local Communities

2018 - 2020
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This project aims to advance our understanding of the socio-economic impacts of refugee resettlement in the United States, the top resettlement country in the world. The project puts particular emphasis on the impacts of the arrival of resettled refugees on the education and health outcomes of other residents, as well as social cohesion at the local level. The analysis relies on individual level microdata on 2.6 million resettled refugees from 136 countries who entered the United States between 1975 and 2008. This unique dataset allows the researchers to study refugees’ inflows and their effects in both the short and long runs.

Principal Investigator

Carlos Vargas-Silva


Esther Arenas-Arroyo
Jakub Lonsky
Christopher Parsons
Isabel Ruiz


John Fell Fund