The Health Status of Migrants and Access to Health Care in the UK

2008 – 2010
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This project explored the relationship between migration variables (country of birth, length of residence in the UK), ethnicity, material circumstances, health, and access to health care by analysing quantitative evidence on migrants’ health status and access to health care in the UK. While concern is growing about the health of some categories of migrant and barriers that they face in accessing health care, much of the evidence available in national data sets such as the Health Survey for England and the Millennium Cohort Study has not yet been analysed specifically for foreign born sections of the population, and particularly recent migrants with residence of 10 years or less in the UK.

The intention of the project was to undertake secondary analysis of national data to provide an account of the health of migrants and their access to and uptake of health care in the UK, including the extent to which length of residence in the UK affects health status and access to care. The findings provide an evidence base and new insights for future policy making and service delivery as well as identify gaps in the evidence base for a future research agenda.

Principal Investigator

Hiranthi Jayaweera


Maria Quigley (National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford)


ESRC (COMPAS core funds)