Social Externalities: China, India, Africa

2010 - 2011
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This project aimed to create an international research network of scholars, designed to deepen our understanding of the regional and global impacts of the Rising Powers and the economic, political and social implications for the UK. The network shared contemporary research in order to develop collaboratively new perspectives on the emergent growth models of China, India and some parts of Africa in a context where some economic analysts and financial journalists are asking if the 'Washington Consensus' is being increasingly displaced by a 'Beijing consensus'.

In three workshops over 12 months, the network addressed issues of urban change, south-south flows and new models of financial governance. The network explored such 'social externalities' in the rising powers, especially China and in the UK and the West. It looked at the social, financial and environmental consequences of the accelerated growth in the rising powers and at the various types of public goods that have emerged in response. The workshops balanced different approaches from academics and stakeholders - policymakers, business, urban planners and NGOs.

Principal Investigator

Micheal Keith


Scott Lash (Goldsmiths)


ESRC Rising Powers Programme