Migration Making Places and Making People: New Narratives of Inclusion 2018


Migration is a key political issue, consistently rated by the public as one of the most important issues facing the UK. Most debate on migration focusses on national policy decisions in relation to how many people should be allowed into the UK and the role of the Home Office in controlling the border. However, many of the effects of migration are felt most strongly at the local level, both in terms of the potential to improve integration and inclusion in our towns and cities and the role of communities in making (and in some cases un-making) our sense of place and the ways in which this is changing and evolving.

Incorporating a wider range of voices and perspectives, from the arts, history and storytelling could support us to better understand the way that migration shapes and makes our communities and places. ‘Migration Making Places, Making People: New Narratives of Inclusion’ is a partnership project between COMPAS, The Open University, the Migration Museum Project and Counterpoints Arts, working with civil society and local government in order to explore these issues and perhaps forge new ways of understanding the complex ways in which our cities are developing and the stories of identity and belonging which this creates.

The project is a knowledge exchange bringing together policy makers, researchers, practitioners and members of the public in workshops, events, symposiums and through an Open Learn resource.



Principal Investigator

Jacqui Broadhead (Global Exchange, COMPAS) and Umut Erel (Open University)


IAA (Impact Acceleration Account)

Professionals' Advisory Group

The Open University

Migration Museum

Counterpoint Arts




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Building an Inclusive City Narrative
Other Publications | Jacqui Broadhead | 2018

The project ran from February to December 2018 and consisted of the following activities:

  • Workshops for the Migration Museum Network and representatives of UK cities exploring placed based narratives of inclusion (see briefing note)
  • ‘Pop up Prof’ engagement events at Migration Museum lates
  • Education workshops for schools and other community groups at the Migration Museum ‘Room to Breathe’ Exhibition
  • Symposium on Hostile Environments: The Politics of Un-Belonging as part of the Who Are We Project at Tate Exchange
  • Panel and Roundtable on Housing, Migration and Urban Transformations: New Arts-led Eco System as part of the Who Are We Project at Tate Exchange
  • Open Learn Course – Migration Making People and Places; New Narratives of Inclusion