At the fringes of Europe: Transit migration in Ukraine and Turkey (FringeMig) 2006


This project explores the issue of transit migration in two countries on Europe’s edges: Ukraine and Turkey. By focusing on mixed flows of migrants and refugees, civil society organizations and government agencies, and EU initiatives, it aims to explore the interrelation between transitory movements, refugees and legal restrictions, in order to identify the conditions that determine transit migration. It also looks to clarify the concept of transit migration, challenge present misinterpretations, political bias and methodological shortcomings and instead offer an evidence-based approach.

Principal Investigator

Franck Düvell


The Economic and Social Research Council (COMPAS Core Funding)


Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine


Asylum and RefugeesBordersEuropean UnionIllegality




This is a multi-perspective, multi-disciplinary and multi-sited case study based on mixed methodologies. Overall the approach will be qualitative, backed by small scale surveys; beyond literature and document survey, expert interviews and in-depth semi-focused narrative interviews with migrants will be conducted. Field work will be conducted in two transit countries, Ukraine and Turkey and various EU countries of arrival, in particular Sweden and Germany.