European network of cities for local integration policies for migrants (CLIP)

2007 – 2009
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CLIP was a network of up to 30 European cities working together to support the social and economic integration of migrants. The composition of the CLIP network was threefold. It operated under the aegis of a number of European organisations, comprised a network of European cities and was supported by a group of specialist European research centres. COMPAS was for three years a member of the research network, which at that time addressed two research modules: housing, and city equality and diversity policies.

The second research module, which was coordinated by COMPAS, examined the equality and diversity policies and practices of 25 cities with regards to municipal employment and municipal service provision. This module examined: 1) city approaches to equality and diversity; 2) employment policy, practice and outcomes; and 3) services provision policy, practice and outcomes. The detailed findings of this research are described in a report, published in 2008.

Principal Investigator

Sarah Spencer


Alessio Cangiano and Isabel Shutes


European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions