Engaging with Diversity: Multiculturalism, Integration and Identity

2007 - 2009
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This project was concerned with the ideological and policy shift in European models of immigrant inclusion, concentrating on public and policy discourses. In recent years, many countries have seen a retreat from multiculturalism, both in policy and public discourses, and a shift towards demands for integration of immigrants into dominant values, culture and social behaviour. There is a pervasive view that pluralist or multicultural approaches to immigrant inclusion into society have failed and that a large part of the problem lies with immigrants themselves.

This research examined how the state constructs migrants in multiculturalism and the ways in which immigrants and ethnic minorities are positioned in the public discourse. It concludes that rather that instead of abandoning multiculturalism, we should look to expand it.

Principal Investigator

Ellie Vasta


Economic and Social Research Council