Rose Campion

DPhil in Migration Studies

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Supervisors: Zuzanna Olszewska and Jason Stanyek

College affiliation: Keble College

Rose is a DPhil student in Migration Studies based at COMPAS. Her research interests centre around the social and creative affordances of music-making by displaced people. Rose’s DPhil project works with forced migrants in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, in a variety of institutional and artistic contexts. Primarily, she is interested in the role of state-funded music programmes and how they interact within Germany’s migrant integration policies. Rose’s project uses participatory action research methodologies in which community stakeholders take on co-researchers role in producing knowledge. She is funded by the Clarendon Scholarship and the Keble College Sloane Robinson Scholarship.

Rose holds an MPhil in Musicology from Oxford and BAs in History and Music from the University of Southern California. Most recently, Rose was a German Chancellor Fellow with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


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