Rima Kalush

DPhil in Migration Studies

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Supervisor: Madeleine Reeves

College affiliation: Keble College

Rima Kalush is a DPhil student in Migration Studies researching the situation of migrant workers in Libya through a critical analysis of the discourses on modern slavery, trafficking, and forced labour. Her DPhil project takes an interdisciplinary approach that reflects her interests in human rights law, labour rights, and migration.

Since 2011, she has worked as the editor and, later, director of Migrant-Rights.org, an advocacy and research organization focused on the Gulf states and the broader Middle East. Her work has been published and referenced by Al Jazeera, the International Labour Organisation, and Jadaliyya, among other institutions. She holds an MPhil in Middle Eastern Area Studies from the University of Oxford, a BA in History and a BA in Politics from the University of California, Davis.