Nathan Grassi COMPAS Administrator

+44 (0)1865 612375

Nathan is the Communications officer for COMPAS and provides administrative support for various COMPAS research projects, including the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity, the Migration Observatory and Urban Transformations. Nathan assists with event organisation and also administrates the COMPAS Visiting Academics programme. His background is in Arts Administration.

Since 2015, Nathan has been the administrator for the annual COMPAS photo competition. Past competitions can be found here.

News & Blogs

The Ecological Footprint of Refugees

Jean-Francois Maystadt

The COMPAS 2018 list of best books on migration

Rosaleen Cunningham, Michael Keith, Mikal Mast, Nathan Grassi, Zovanga Kone, Rob McNeil, Carlos Vargas-Silva and COMPAS Communications


Action towards inclusion in Europe

Sarah Spencer, Ben Gidley, Caroline Oliver, Jonathan Price, Emma Newcombe and Nathan Grassi | December 2014 - June 2016

City Initiative on Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe (C-MISE)

Sarah Spencer, Nicola Delvino, Marie Mallet-Garcia and Nathan Grassi | March 2017 to February 2019

Urban Transformations Coordination

Michael Keith, Nicola Headlam, Peter Grant, Igor Calzada, Nicholas Simcik Arese, Emma Newcombe, Mikal Mast and Nathan Grassi | 2015 - 2019