Maria Gunko DPhil in Migration Studies

Supervisor: Dr. Dace Dzenovska

College affiliation: Green Templeton College

Maria is a DPhil candidate in Migration Studies at COMPAS. Her research interests include urban geography and planning studies with a geographical focus on Eastern Europe. Her recent work is devoted to the analysis of governance, planning, and place-making in Russian small- and medium-sized shrinking cities. At COMPAS, Maria’s doctoral research and fieldwork will be a part of this ERC-funded EMPTINESS project lead by Dr. Dace Dzenovska. Using a mix-method approach grounded in social anthropology and human geography, Maria will be exploring power and authority in an emptying Russian town – the strategies, tactics, and rationalities of how places facing constant out-migration are governed both through formal institutions and political bodies, as well as through informal arrangements.

Prior to joining COMPAS, Maria completed an MSc in Human Geography at the Moscow Lomonosov State University in 2012 and obtained a Russian postgraduate degree, Candidate of Sciences in Human Geography, from the Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences in 2015. Later, she worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia.